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Career Coaching

With a strengths-based approach based on years of teaching, mentoring, and facilitating, I provide coaching with a growth mentality. My practice focuses on emerging and established leaders in any field who want to take ownership of their career journeys.

Your Career Journey

I work with clients to co-create a vision of a future that promotes self-advocacy, attention to boundaries and balance – with awareness of the way gender and other systems can hold people back. Together, we will work toward a flexible idea of career development and leadership, empowering you and others around you to bring authentic values to your work. 


  • Wondering how to take stock of your career journey and where to go next?

  • Are you in a new role and/or in need of support for role transition? This is one of the most common reasons people seek coaching, and employers will sometimes pay for coaching support.

  • Do you want to be strategic about bringing your most authentic values to work?

  • Do you want to develop strategies for a sustainable and thriving career, at any stage?

  • Wondering how to move forward in the face of gender or other forms of discrimination at work?

  • I would like to work with you!

Over years of experience mentoring aspiring and established professionals, I have also been a researcher, collecting stories of work-life balance challenges, confidence development and new ways to overcome workplace obstacles. These stories often weave in themes of gender, race, sexual orientation, and other kinds of diversity, and they help me work with clients as they reflect on pivoting, thriving, reflecting, growing, contributing and leading. 


I’m currently working on a book on this topic. I want to bring this background to you to help you grow into your dreams for your career. 

I offer flexible coaching, from one-time meetings to longer-term arrangements. Contact me to talk about your needs.


Coaching Specialties

  • Inclusive leadership at any level

  • Self-advocacy and negotiation

  • Empowerment through bringing your values to work

  • Context-specific coaching in areas like education, health care, and helping professions, as well as corporate work

  • Academic environments: coaching for career advancement, writing and publishing, values-driven service, and work-life balance


Need help convincing your employer to pay for coaching? Download this helpful PDF that outlines three reasons why employers should invest in coaching and related professional development.

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