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Organizational Consulting

As a consultant and professional development educator, I bring research-based and real-world consulting strategies to organizations interested in increasing diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice. I provide specific strategies for gender and racial equity in workplaces, with special emphasis on leadership development, so that people of all identities and backgrounds can contribute and thrive. 

Emphasizing Equity and Leadership Development

My work ranges from strategic planning around equity, diversity, and inclusion, to program evaluation, to empowering DEI champions and leaders throughout an organization.

  • Do you want to build a more inclusive workplace and leadership pipeline?

  • Are you interested in strategic planning to advance DEI in all areas of your organization’s work?

  • Do you want to help empower women of all backgrounds and other under-represented groups and individuals on your team?

  • Would you like to deepen your awareness of social inequities, how they show up in workplaces, and how your organization can improve its corporate citizenship?


Consulting Specialties

  • Equity strategy for organizations

  • Focus-group and survey-driven assessments of workplace cultures and specific programs

  • Diverse and inclusive leadership development strategy

  • DEI training for leaders and corporate affinity groups on topics such as

  • Inclusive leadership development

  • Confronting intersectional discrimination

  • Allyship, advocacy, and accomplice work

  • Supporting caregivers in the workplace

  • Gender communication in the workplace

  • Customized consulting related to women’s leadership and DEI to meet your organization’s needs

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