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A Time to Gather for the Coming Season

The last weekend of August, my herbalist daughter visited town and we gathered elderberries and rosehips to make syrup. Sylvia studies the wisdom of plants, and she is a plant-relationship genius. She brings a whole world to life in just observing plants and learning how we can work with them for health and healing.

And she teaches me how to gather slowly and in relationship to the complexity of each plant. What a meditative process it is.

This August-September turning is always the time to gather up in my mind the best memories of summer. And of course, we’re gathering our harvests while pivoting towards the zesty productivity and crispness of fall.

In my life, I’m gathering my own wisdom from a career in academia, and looking for new ways to connect and grow, while enjoying the gift of reflection. Writing–gathering the words, the sentences, the ideas–is so often my pathway towards bringing something new into the world.


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