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Actionable Reading for Justice

Recommend! This book is full of actionable ideas, and it resonates with themes I’m exploring in my writing.

Favorite quotes:

  • “You may have a small window of influence, or you may have a wide platform. Be the leader you can be from where you are.”

  • "It is vital that you do the internal work of making peace with how you hold your power, authority, and privilege."

Excellent questions readers are prompted to explore about their workplaces:

  • "How do people react when they have bene challenged or interrogated?

  • "What are the signs of an organziation that tends toward blame? And what are the signs of an organization that leans toward curiosity and learning? Where does your organization fall on that spectrum?

Key takeaway: wherever your organizational culture is like now, you can be part of moving a culture towards curiosity and learning.


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