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I'm glad you're here. This blog is a space to share ideas about career journeys and leadership, especially for women, as well as about my long-standing interests in history, motherhood and caregiving, and diversity and inclusion, including how those last topics connect to the workplace. I'll also blog about writing and researching, mentoring and coaching---essentially about developing people and ideas.

Currently, I’m writing a book that interweaves women’s workplace stories with practical advice (tentatively titled, Work That Matters: A Guide for Careering for Idealistic Women.)

As the title suggests, it’s not just about succeeding for yourself, but also about being an advocate for inclusion at every stage of a professional journey, being part of transformation while finding spaces to thrive and contribute.

This fall, I’m excited to muse online about career journeys while I continue writing the book and working with organizations and individuals on related topics. There’s so much to learn when you have been gifted with bearing witness to people’s stories, and it’s also a chance to reflect on my own career journey. It would be wonderful to start some conversations and begin to hear some more stories in this space.


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