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Let's Talk Leadership!

Let’s talk about leadership! For women leaders of teams, divisions, or organizations, let’s dive into honest and invigorating conversation about gathering vision, investing in your team, using your leadership platform to lead through your values, and—the critical base of it all—investing in yourself.

“Practicing Empowered, Inclusive Leadership” is the theme of our virtual women’s leadership retreat (two date options this spring, March 23/April 5).

Dr. Keely Rees and I will hep us build understanding about how to:

·   lean into the strengths that so many women leaders bring to the table

·   navigate complex and ever-changing workplace contexts,

·   mentor for inclusivity

·   advocate for our values,

·  and sustain ourselves so we can keep adapting anddoing our best work. 

With so many complexities in the workplace in what has been aptly called “the age of disruption,” we need all the resilience, awareness, and confidence we can muster.  As women, we’re better together, and we’re excited to nurture the energy of this virtual retreat community.


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